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Because of the nature of the Neuraxiom site, we do not widely solicit or blindly accept advertisements to be placed on the site. That’s a good thing because we probably wouldn’t be deluged with offers of ads for McDonalds or Burger King anyway.

The Neuraxiom site is aimed at a highly vertical market, a very select demographic. Because of this, page is reached by invitation only.

If you are here because you followed a link sent you. Please look over the rest of the site and consider placing an ad with us. Our traffic numbers are not huge but each visitor is pre-qualified for interest and some input in the decision making process.

A New Market for Your Product

The Neuraxiom site is a great place to continue your efforts at branding and association with the new and relatively un-tapped market of ultrasound usage in anesthesiology.

There are 5,759 hospitals registered in the United States, every one has an anesthesia department which performs regional nerve blocks. The vast majority of those are only now becoming aware of the possibilities of using ultrasound in their practice. Very few ultrasound manufacturer’s even mention Anesthesiology as a target specialty in their literature or on their websites. Until now Transesophageal Echocardiography and occasionally central venous line placement have been the only anesthesia-related applications most manufacturers have considered. Well it’s a much larger market than either of those applications. Very few anesthesia practices DON’T do regional blocks.

Aside from hospitals, pain clinics, and countless specialty clinics and surgery centers perform regional nerve blocks.

When the manufacturer’s representative visits the hospital Diagnostic Imaging and Obstetrical Departments, how many even bother to make an appointment and visit the anesthesia department? Well, maybe it’s different at all of the other hospitals, but at my hospital the answer was ZIP, ZERO, NEVER HAPPENED. We had to call the manufacturers up and bug them to come down and sell us the equipment.

Use of ultrasound in regional nerve blocks will become the standard of practice over the next few years and someone is going to have to pay attention and provide the equipment.

Could be you.



Neuraxiom Advertisement Rate Card

At this time Neuraxiom is not accepting banner style ads.

Advertisements (Ads) placed in the Neuraxiom website will appear in the left hand column of the front or home page and on every other page on the site in the same order. Ad rates are based on vertical size, all ads may be up to 200 pixels wide.

Rates are in U.S. Dollars and are per calendar month regardless of number of days.

Assignment and allotment of ad spaces will begin at the top-most available space and proceed downward. Ads will be assigned places in the order that they are received and terms of the agreement below satisfied. Ad placement and term of the ad placement agreement is on a month-to-month basis. You may extend the by prepaying the number of months you want the ad to run. Otherwise you continue the ad placement simply by paying the applicable fee for the upcoming month by at least 3 days before beginning of the month.

You may change you ad graphic any time you like, just give us a few days to change it on the site. Be sure to include any HTML code and linking URL you want attached to the graphic. Animated graphics should work on the site, we will contact you if any questions arise. We will try to accommodate anyway we can within the limits specified.




Specifications & Rates

Ad graphic files should be in BMP, GIF, PCX, PNG or JPG JPEG format. Links to remote ad graphic files at your resources can also be made at the Neuraxiom website as long as the file size andd content conform to the agreement and specifications. All ads for placements must conform to size constraints.

All Ad graphics may be up to 200 pixels wide and --

  • up to 100 pixels high -- $150.00 / month
  • 101 to 200 pixels high -- $175.00 / month
  • 201 to 300 pixels high -- $200.00 / month
  • 301 to 400 pixels high -- $225.00 / month
  • 401 to 500 pixels high -- $250.00 / month
  • 501 to 600 pixels high -- $275.00 / month
  • Questions of other sizes can be addressed individually.


Payment to “Neuraxiom LLC” in US Dollars can be made by check, or through Paypal. Mailing address will be given on request by e-mail contact below.

To pay by Paypal, proceed to the section below otherwise Contact us through the link at the side of the page or by clicking here ->


Advertising Agreement Here

Purchase Advertising Space on Neuraxiom through Paypal

Purchase Advertising Space below by pushing the “Add to Cart” button next to the size of Ad you are interested in. You may choose multiple month ad placement in the next step by increasing the number of the item in the cart before checkout. Be sure to “update cart” prior to checkout.

If you haven’t already contacted us regarding the details of the Ad to be placed, we will use the contact information you give during checkout to finalize the necessary details.



Ad Space 200w x 100h = $150.00 per month


Ad Space 200w x 300h = $200.00 per month

Ad Space 200w x 200h = $175.00 per month


Ad Space 200w x 400h = $225.00 per month

Ad Space 200w x 500h = $250.00 per month

Ad Space 200w x 600h = $275.00 per month

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Linking to Neuraxiom

If you would like to establish a link from your webpage to the Neuraxiom site we would like to encourage you to use the logo below and please link with the URL

To download the image below just move your mouse over the image and press the right mouse button, then choose download image.   Make sure to note where on your computer you are saving the image in order to find it again.


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