How to Use the Neuraxiom Web-Site.

Welcome to! This site is aimed at Anesthesiologists who perform regional nerve blocks and are interested in exploring the use of ultrasound to guide placement of the block needle and monitor instillation of the local anesthetic around the target nerve(s).

In order to impose some organization on the site, you will find that just below the “Neuraxiom” title heading at the top of each page there are rows of horizontal buttons containing the names of the subject pages of the site. For example the top button is labeled “Front Page”, that is this page. The button next to it says “Ultrasound”, by pressing that button you will go to the neuraxiom page which deals with general ultrasound topics such as machines, probes, general technical stuff which would apply to ultrasound in general. The next button to the right is “Interscalene Block”, clicking it takes you to the page dealing with specifically ultrasound guided interscalene brachial plexus nerve blocks. The next button deals with “Supraclavicular BP” (BP here stands for Brachial Plexus) issues and so on.

The first or “Front Page” (this one) will contain topical blurbs that either; lead to other more complete articles, alert you to something new on the site, cover things that just don’t belong anywhere else. We will always try to keep the newest items at the top of the pages for easier access.

The “What's New in the Neuraxiom Site?” section of the Front Page will show items which have been added to the site recently.

A “Table of Contents” for the entire site by clicking on the linking text which is at the top right of every page. You may want to browse through the contents of the site by looking through the Table of Contents. You may go to any place listed in the Table of Contents just by clicking on the text describing it.

The sidebar (the vertical section on the left-hand side of the page) will be the same on every page and may someday contain advertisements and links to other sites.

With time we hope to add a discussion board where thoughts and exchanges can take place. Until then please look over the site and let us know if there is any way we can make it more useful to you.