Block Study Report - Femoral Block Only

as of 04/28/05 - 13:24:53

Total Cases counted = 15

Nerve Block Study Data
Hours to PTEpinephrine?Stim SettingEffective in PACUP.T. Evaluation
0Plain.20 Unknown
0Epi.30 Unknown
0Epi.40 Slightly Weak
0Epi.14 Full Strength
19Epi.22YFull Strength
19Epi.60NSlight Weakness
20Epi.24NFull Strength
21Plain1.0YFull Strength
24Epi.30NFull Strength
24Epi.20YVery Weak
24Epi.30NVery Weak
24Plain.24YFull Strength
24Plain.40NFull Strength
25Epi.25NFull Strength
26Plain1.0YFull Strength
Vander Beek 2005